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I'm a practical idealist with a guerrilla attitude. 

Even though our business was exploding, I was struggling to fundraise. I didn't know a lot of investors. I'm a latinx woman building a femtech startup in New York City. Most of the investors I was meeting just didn't get it. #notfun.

Matt took me under his wing & told me to pitch Unbound as "a bet on feminism in the Age of Trump". He introduced me to over a dozen angel investors & VCs, including Cyan Banister at Founders Fund and the founder of Netflix. Suddenly, I was talking to people who understood what I was trying to do. The conversation totally changed, from no's to yeses. 

Raised $3.5M from Founders Fund & others

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Shadiah Sigala

Shadiah Sigala

Co-Founder, Honeybook | CEO, Kinside

Gautam Sivakumar, MD

Gautam Sivakumar, MD

Founder, Medisas

David Haber

David Haber

Founder, Bond Street

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Why I'm Doing This

I'm a practical idealist and an unlikely capitalist.  I got my start as a 911 paramedic in the Bronx and struggled to pay my way through college, where I was the poor kid in a world of one-percenters at Columbia University. I worked for a couple years as freelance journalist for the New York Times & Newsweek, then discovered entrepreneurship in the summer of 2008, just before the global economy collapsed. 

Now, after 3 startups and a decade of struggle (including a close brush with personal bankruptcy), I've earned a small fortune and become an active angel investor with a portfolio of 21 startups. In the VC world, I'm what you call a "high conviction" seed investor. I rely on my own judgement, not herd mentality social proof. My strategy is to bet on people first & foremost. In choosing investments, I use product/market analysis as a filter in my hunt for great people. All investors have biases. I am biased in favor of people like me: poor, hungry, driven outsiders who've had to struggle in life. These are my people.

My most frequent co-investor is Cyan Banister at Founders Fund (she used to be homeless) and I've had one exit to Facebook, but in the end, I'm a small angel investor. I don't have enough cash to make or break a company. When I really believe in a startup, I have to introduce them to investors with deeper pockets than I. 

In 2012, I sent Lyft to Founders Fund; they invested $10M (now up 200x). In 2014, I sent Thumbtack to Andreesen Horowitz and told them to invest $100M; they passed––whoops. In 2017, I sent tbh to Social Capital (Facebook acquired them 2 months later), OsmoBot to Venrock and Unbound to Founders Fund. 

Guerrilla Capital is an extension of what I've been doing over the last half decade, transforming happenstance email chains into a social network for collective action. If it works, we'll be the financing engine for the next 50 years of social progress; if it doesn't, well... at least we didn't go down without a fight. 

-Matt Mireles
 Founder, Guerrilla Capital

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WANTED: Venture Capital Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

WANTED: Social Media Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

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Poor. Hungry. Driven.

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life.

I look for champions.