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A Team of Outsiders… On the Inside

Matt Mireles

Matt Mireles


Matt Mireles is a technology entrepreneur & investor who got his start as a 911 paramedic in the Bronx. After struggling to pay his way through college as a Columbia University student, he worked as a freelance reporter for the New York Times. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, he co-founded SpeakerText (acquired by CloudFactory, backed by Google Ventures). In 2015, he co-founded Dishcraft Robotics (backed by Baseline Ventures & First Round Capital). Matt also ran a scout investment fund for Social Capital and led business development for very early stage startups in the Bay Area at Amazon Web Services. He is an investor in 21 startups. 

Mourtallah Faye

Mourtallah Faye


Mourtallah Faye is a Senegalese-American data scientist and intellectual who studied statistics at Columbia University after paying his way through an associates degree at a community college outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The son of an immigrant and born hustler, Mourtallah balanced full-time studies in Creative Writing at community college with work as a Referral Specialist at The School District of Philadelphia, helping disenfranchised youth earn high school equivalencies and pursue college education, on top of freelance journalism gigs and a sales job. After transferring to Columbia, he pivoted to studying Statistics, becoming the first in his family’s history to earn a STEM degree. Since beginning his career in data science, Mourtallah has interned as a data analyst for a Y-Combinator startup, a quantitative researcher for the City of Newark and as data consultant for non-profit organizations across Harlem as a George Van Amson Public Interest Fellow. At Guerrilla Capital, Mourtallah leads diligence on the startups that we feature, as well as all things quant.


Our mission is to empower the bottom 90% to rule the world and ensure that the powerful serve their interests.



Our vision is a world where the American Dream is a reality––not a fantasy––for all Americans; where the bottom 90% have access to the same knowledge & networks as the top 1%; where business, markets & government maximize profit by serving the broad mass of people, not just the powerful.



We are social capitalists. We believe in the power of free markets to unlock human potential and create prosperity for all people. But as history hath shown, free markets don’t last forever and they don’t always work.

We believe that the role of the state is to maximize the national welfare by A) empowering the individual to achieve economic success and B) ensuring the freedom of the market.

The powerful have a natural aversion to free markets because freedom means that their power is insecure. Freedom isn’t just the power to win, it’s also the freedom to lose. And when you’ve won, when you’re an incumbent, the freedom of others to compete against you is the chief danger to your continued security, so you naturally seek to limit it.

The powerful tell the people a story that always goes like this: What’s good for us is good for you. Our interests are your interests. And since the world is just and god is good, the very fact that we’re powerful means that we’re moral (and smart too).

This is how the state becomes the protecter of the powerful against the people. This is how capitalism becomes corrupt, as it has in Russia, and comes to be a tool of oppression against the people, instead of the people’s savior.

The already rich petition the government to create laws and pass taxes that serve them, claiming that making them even richer is in everyone’s best interests. Comcast gets a monopoly. The super-rich repeal the inheritance tax. AT&T ends net neutrality.

As individuals acting alone, it’s virtually impossible to fight these rich and powerful machines.

As these incumbent institutions entrench themselves in the mechanisms of the state, their share of the economy and its profits grow larger and larger. A common man seeking economic security for himself might find the incumbent his only option for steady employment at a high wage. A common woman seeking, in her heart, to overthrow such an institution might find herself having to choose between a comfortable economic future for her and her children (born or unborn) and adherence to her ideals.

Her ideals (almost) never win.

But she tells herself a lie: I will use the machine I hate to give me wealth that I need so that one day I can fight the machine. A decade, three promotions, two kids and a mortgage later, she is now bought into the company line. The machine’s interests are now her interests. Little Johnny has ADHD and needs to attend private school or else he’ll get left behind. She needs that next promotion to pay for it. She needs the machine to be profitable for her to help her son. Those ideals she had way back when, yeah, nice ideas but who can afford that luxury? Johnny’s got to make it into college… or else certain doom.

This is the story of America right now.

But there is another way.

What if there was another machine she could join? What if she could get off the laborer’s treadmill and start her own machine? What if she could create a competing machine to fight the machine that, in her heart, she hates?

But she doesn’t know how. And even if she did, where would she get the money? She wasn’t born lucky. She doesn’t have a rich family or rich friends. She’s playing with a weak hand and the game is rigged against her.

How do you fight when the game itself is unfair? How do you win when you’ve got a weak hand, when your balance sheet is all liability heavy and asset light?

You fight like a guerrilla. You refuse to play the game that they want you to play and instead, you change the game. You invent a game where your liabilities are suddenly assets, and where their assets are suddenly liabilities. And most important of all, you get the people on your side.

Alone, we are weak and afraid. The Marines know this and always staff two men to a foxhole. It keeps the guns firing. In a group, however small, there is strength. The collective has its own energy.

Guerrilla Capital is here to finance and champion the people building the machines of progress. Guerrilla Capital is here to get rich off the destruction of the machines that––once brave, visionary & progress seeking––have become the enemies of the people.

We champion the radicals. We champion the outsiders. We champion the poor, hungry, driven revolutionaries of our time who are pushing, against the odds, for real progress.

We champion you.


WANTED: Social Media Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

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Poor. Hungry. Driven.

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life.

I look for champions.

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