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Shadiah Sigala

Shadiah Sigala

Co-Founder, Honeybook | CEO, Kinside

Gautam Sivakumar, MD

Gautam Sivakumar, MD

Founder, Medisas

David Haber

David Haber

Founder, Bond Street

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I'll do whatever it takes to make Unbound succeed. 

When Unbound first started growing like crazy and the business was on fire, I didn't have much of a network in the world of VC-backed entrepreneurs. I was navigating this crazy world of fundraising by myself as a latinx women building a sextech startup in NYC. It was hard!

Matt helped plug me into a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understood the fundraising/company-building game and gave me good advice. Plus, they turned around and made even more intros, including to their investors. I was embraced by a community of founders just 2-3 steps ahead of me, and it made all the difference. 

Now I pay it forward whenever I can.

Raised $3.5M from Founders Fund & others

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Mission-Driven Brands

consumer goods & hardware


Life-Saving Medicines

synthetic biology & software


Frontier Technologies

clean tech & artificial intelligence


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femtech & markets ignored by stodgy old white guys

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Guerrilla Capital pattern matches on entrepreneurs who have been punched in the face by life, picked themselves back up and come back determined to win.

Our bias favors: People who grew up poor. Women. Minorities. LGBTQ.  Immigrants.

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The Guerrilla Capital Blog

WANTED: Venture Capital Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

WANTED: Social Media Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

The Caravan has Disappeared. But How?

Why would a group of thousands of people escaping crime & murder purposely head into the most dangerous, crime- & murder-ridden region of Mexico? We have a theory. It involves political intrigue, conspiracy and organized crime.

The #BuildAmerica Project

We're organizing a delegation of US entrepreneurs & military veterans to travel to the refugee caravan in Mexico during the weekend of Friday, November 1, 2018 to interview refugees who want to start a business that creates jobs in the United States or...

Poor. Hungry. Driven.

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life.

I look for champions.

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