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Guerrilla Capital features entrepreneurs who have been punched in the face by life, picked themselves back up and come back determined to win.

We especially love: People who grew up poor. Women. Minorities. LGBTQ.  Immigrants.

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I'm a practical idealist with a guerrilla attitude. 

Even though our business was exploding, I was struggling to fundraise. I didn't know a lot of investors. I'm a latinx woman building a femtech startup in New York City. Most of the investors I was meeting just didn't get it. #notfun.

Matt took me under his wing & told me to pitch Unbound as "a bet on feminism in the Age of Trump". He introduced me to over a dozen angel investors & VCs, including Cyan Banister at Founders Fund and the founder of Netflix. Suddenly, I was talking to people who understood what I was trying to do. The conversation totally changed, from no's to yeses. 

Raised $3.5M from Founders Fund & others

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Why You Should Trust Me

You shouldn’t. At least not blindly.

I’m what you call a “high conviction” seed investor. I rely on my own judgement, not herd mentality social proof. My strategy is focused ~70% on the founder and ~30% on the product/market. I use the product/market as a filter with which to judge whether I should invest my time into getting to know the founder.

We all have our biases. John Doerr favors white male dropouts of Harvard & Stanford. I favor hustlers who’ve gotten punched in the face by life and come back with a ruthless determination to win. Poor, hungry, driven outsiders. People who refuse to fail, who refuse to accept the cards that life has dealt them. These are my people.

My most frequent co-investor is Cyan Banister at Founders Fund (she used to be homeless) and I’ve had one exit to Facebook, but in the end, I’m a D-list angel investor. I don’t matter. 

But… I do have good judgement. In 2012, I sent Lyft to my buddy Geoff at Founders Fund; they invested $10M (now up 200x). In 2014, I was interviewing for the deal team at Andreesen Horowitz and told them to invest $100M in Thumbtack; they passed––whoops (I also told them to short Homejoy if they could, which would have been another great bet –– I started Dishcraft Robotics instead, which was an even better bet!). In 2017, I sent tbh to Social Capital (Facebook acquired them 2 months later), OsmoBot to Venrock and Unbound to Founders Fund. 

Guerrilla Capital is an extension of what I’ve been doing over the last half decade, transforming random email chains into a social network for (hopefully) collective action. If it works, we’ll be the financing engine for the next 50 years of social progress; if it doesn’t, well… at least we didn’t go down without a fight. 

LMK what you think. 

-Matt Mireles
 Founder, Guerrilla Capital

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WANTED: Venture Capital Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

WANTED: Social Media Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

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Poor. Hungry. Driven.

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life.

I look for champions.

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