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The #BuildAmerica Project

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Activism | 0 comments

We’re organizing a delegation of US entrepreneurs & military veterans to travel to the refugee caravan in Mexico during the weekend of Friday, November 1, 2018 to interview refugees who want to start a business that creates jobs in the United States or join the US military.

For anyone credible who is willing to pledge––in writing––that they’ll build a business or join the US military, we’ll take their pledge to President Trump and demand that he allow them legal entry to the United States. 

We’re assembling a delegation of 20 entrepreneurs to travel to Mexico on Friday November 1st and return Sunday night. And we’re raising $30,000 to finance it. 

 You should join us. If you can’t, you should donate.

Find the details, signup to volunteer and donate here.


PS This was not my original plan for the week, but things change. Dealflow emails will start going out next week. 

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