WANTED: Social Media Interns

Help Fix America with Venture Capital

Guerrilla Capital champions entrepreneurs who are building startups to create a more equal society, improve the environment and fix America in these four categories:

  • Mission-Driven Consumer Brands
  • Structurally Underserved / Undercapitalized Markets
  • Frontier Technologies that Create Positive Social Externalities
  • Biotech & Healthcare Technologies that Bend the Cost Curve

Your job as an intern as an intern will be to source the best socially-conscious, early-stage startups in the world in these categories.

The ideal candidate is a student with an entrepreneurial do-whatever-it-takes mindset, a passion to fix America and a track record of participation in the startup community. Using an A-F scale, we asses candidates on these four criteria, ranked by order of importance:

  1. Alignment with Guerrilla Capital’s values
  2. Self motivation, independence and bias for action
  3. Taste & judgement in selecting startups
  4. Knowledge of the startup ecosystem

Pay is $10-15/hour.

Women, people of color, LGBTQ and outsiders who grew up poor are strongly encouraged to apply.


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  • Tell us about yourself. Avoid buzzwords. Be honest.
  • How many hours a week can you work? What day/times are you available?
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About Guerrilla Capital

Guerrilla Capital’s mission is to empower the bottom 90% to rule the world and ensure that the powerful serve their interests. Our vision is a world where the American Dream is a reality for all people; where access to power is determined by merit, not social class or circumstances of birth; where the bottom 90% have access to the same knowledge & networks as the top 1%. The Guerrilla Capital network connects powerful, progressive insider entrepreneurs, investors & politicos with promising outsiders who are building startups & political organizations that serve the interests of the bottom 90%. Founder Matt Mireles is self-made technology entrepreneur & investor who got his start as a 911 paramedic in the Bronx.

WANTED: Social Media Interns

Guerrilla Capital is hiring a platoon of social media interns for the fall ’18 and spring ’19 semesters. It’s paid in cash and you can be anywhere. Tell your friends.

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Poor. Hungry. Driven.

I look for people who’ve taken it on the chin in life and come back determined to win.

I look for hustlers who’ve risen beyond their station in life.

I look for champions.

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